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Discussione: Trick SATA-USB Adapter to recognize Liteon 0225, 0272, 0401 and 1071 by VIA 6421

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    Trick SATA-USB Adapter to recognize Liteon 0225, 0272, 0401 and 1071 by VIA 6421

    As we all know ,some Liteon drive inside the Xbox 360SLIM, namely those with Fw 0225, 0272, 0401 and 1071, are not handledby the gloriousVIA 6421 chip that allowed you to change all the various Dvd Drive present in the Microsoft console.

    But this is true only in part...

    We startby analyzing a curious fact:
    There are no hardware differences between Liteon in question, why the 9504 is easily managed by the VIA chipset while the other versions do not?
    If Sata2 devices are backward compatible and fully functiona lon a Sata 1 chipset,why in this case this is not true?

    The onlydifference between thedrives, isinherentinFW, so initmustbeadded afew checkson thechipset.

    Apparently, the Dvd-Drive performs a check as soon as you turn it on. At this stage, if it finds a chipset Sata 2 does not show any problem, but if it finds any chipset SATA 1 will not send the right commands for recognition.

    The solution then what could it be?
    Make the drive believe that it is connected to a chipset Sata2 while it is connected to our VIA.

    Well, afterthe presentationof the problem, let's remedy with this simple trick.


    1x Dvd-Drive Liteon DG-16D4S with fw 0225, 0272, 0401 or 1071
    1x VIA 6421 (In the southbridge or on PCI device)
    1x SATA-USB Adaptor (obviusly it must be Sata2)


    As you may have guessed from the preface,bypass the problem is very simple. Following the steps below,you can manage your drive on your trusty VIA.

    1. Connect the adapter to the computerUSB port(thePC must have access of course)and connect the drive to Sata
    2. Turn on the drive
    3. Wait a few seconds, and disconnect the SATA cable from the adapter and connect it to the VIA chipset


    ATTENTION: In the case the Drive go to loop in the 0x51 status (both Geremia's tool or JF durung the Intro Device), just do the following procedure still the program running:

    1. Turn off the drive
    2. Disconnect from VIA and connect it to the adapter or at x360USB PRO
    3. Turn on the drive
    4. Switch the drive to VIA from the adapter or x360USB PRO

    At this time, the drive, sould be in 0x72 status and you can do everythings you want.

    And now.... Good flash to all!!!

    by Raiden & Electron^- www.consoleopen.com
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