Tool per leggere la NAND dell'Xbox ONE, al momento si sconsiglia la riscrittura dato che sembra che l'xbox non riparta dopo avre riscritto la NAND, anche senza toccare nulla.
NANDOne v0.02

Xbox One NAND Filesystem tool

Parses Xbox One Nanddumps for file-adresses and extracts the binary files. As I only had two dumps to work with, it's probably not universally compatible and contains bugs for sure :P


Python 2.7
Xbox One eMMC NAND Dump


info Reads adresses from SFBX and GFCU Table and prints them
to screen

extract Extracts the parsed entries from SFBX Table


Usage: [action] [dump]

Available Action: info Prints the parsed entries extract Extracts nand content

Example: info nanddump.bin


ExtractSFBXdata: Extracting the bootblock @ addr 0x0
mmap: Fixing memory issues on 32bit systems by reading in chunks
DumpSFBX: SFBX size is now read dynamically, not fixed anymore
'sfbxscan' is obsolete, that's done automatically now, if needed
XVD header gets detected and printed in info output
Filetype-magic is appended to extracted filenames
Some cleanup v0.02
Support for parsing and extracting SFBX entries
Possibility to scan for SFBX block
Additional error checking v0.01
Initial release
Autore: tuxuser - disponibile su GitHUB

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