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Discussione: [TUTORIAL] Re-create a retail nand from a freeboot dump

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    [TUTORIAL] Re-create a retail nand from a freeboot dump

    The goal of this tutorial is to re-create an original (stock) nand having only a freeboot dump

    First thing we have to do is to identify our console from the power connector:

    [TUTORIAL] Re-create a retail nand from a freeboot dump-1.png

    First of all download Simple Nand Flasher

    After the extraction we put the entire folder in the hard disk root or on the internal memory unit of the console

    Now turn the xbox ON, go in the Freestyle's files manager and select the .xex file inside Simple 360 Nand Flasher 1.2 folder.

    The Swizzy's software will now start, just press X on the pad to make a nand dump and wait until the end of the process.

    Now we have our nand dump on the "Simple 360 Nand flasher 1.2" folder


    Move the nand dump from console to PC

    Start the console by pressing the eject button to run Xell (if you have a Corona motherboard you must connect the HDMI port to view Xell on monitor)

    Copy these information from the screen:

    The number of f that you see in fuseset07 (sometimes there are 2 lines)

    And the cpukey of our console

    [TUTORIAL] Re-create a retail nand from a freeboot dump-2.jpg

    Download and install J-Runner, enable the "automatic updates" function and restart to have it upgraded

    Download the SMC_PACK

    Open the "Data" subfolder on the Xebuild folder inside J-runner, now we must add an SMC coming from a console with same model as our, you can bring it from SMC_PACK.rar and rename it to SMC.bin

    (In this case I add the Jaspers one, but for example if i'd need the SMC_Trinity i'd renamed it in SMC.bin)

    [TUTORIAL] Re-create a retail nand from a freeboot dump-3.jpg

    Reopen J-runner now, open our nand dump in "souce file" , insert also our cpu key, select "retail" on the top right of the program and click on "create image". We must select the dashboard version that the console had before you have installed RGH (if your version is not present just click on Add-Dashboard to download it)

    [TUTORIAL] Re-create a retail nand from a freeboot dump-4.jpg

    Answer NO on the popup window

    [TUTORIAL] Re-create a retail nand from a freeboot dump-5.jpg

    On the following window we must select our motherboard revision (If you have a Jasper BB with a 67.584KB dump file, you can select both Jasper 256MB or Jasper 512MB, it's the same thing)

    Now J-Runner recreates the original nand and we can reflash by an external programmer, by Xell or by Simple Nand Flasher 1.2

    Check if on the LDV box the number that you see is the same of number of the "f" that you have on the Xell screen (fuseset07 of Xell)

    After you have flashed the retail nand you must disconnect the power cable of the glitchip or completely remove the whole chip if you don't need it and turn the console ON.

    It's important that you delete the SMC.bin file inside the data folder of J-runner after the ends of operations!

    Tutorial made by THE PUSHER for ConsoleOpen.
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