Il nuovo CFW ARCH 4.55 Versione RC1 noBD sviluppato da arachetous colpisce la comunità PS3. ARCH CFW presenta la solita patch e funzionalità in più rispetto ai CFW standard e anche alcuni extra come XMB Alphabetical Patch, XMB ScreenShot Abilitato, Remote Play Patch. Di seguito tutti i dettagli da parte dello sviluppatore.

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  1. Based on the update sony official 4.55
  2. disable coreOS ECDSA integrity check ( LV0 )
  3. LV1 patched disable LV2 protection
  4. LV2 & LV1 patched PEEK & POKE
  5. Allows you to launch any backups of original games
  6. RSOD Bybass
  7. Compatible games remastered / Minis ( for PSP/PS1/PS2 )
  8. Patch Alphabetical ( A...Z )
  9. Compatible lasted version ReActPSN
  10. QA Flag menu enabled by default if already activated prior
  11. PS3 BT Remote Patched & PS3 BluRay DISC patched
  12. XMB optimized for stealth, the options ' install_package_file ' and ' app_home/PS3_GAME ' are in a folder named ' PlayStation®3 '
  13. Enable InGame XMB ScreenShot
  14. Patch Remote Play
  15. Ability to downgrade from any custom firmware with qa flag activated.
  16. img build version 62848
  17. Installation compatible on all models of ps3 Slim or fat. Can be installed on any CFW 3.xx/4.xx / or OFW 3.55 and lower.
  18. ( The mode Recovery is recommended even if it is little install by the XMB menu all of same )
  19. Added patch by MLT allowing console with broken BD player to have full emulation to run copies of games and homebrews.

Attenzione: Questo CFW è per le console che hanno il lettore BluRay rotto o mancante. Non installare su console che hanno il lettore BluRay funzionante, è inutile.

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MD5: DC4EC6040BF5E070EF15430A1E3BAA0F


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